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Why I'm Running 

In WV, we must do more to ensure we have adequate infrastructure, particularly for clean water, safer roads, and broadband internet access. Solid infrastructure is the backbone for the health and well-being of our citizens and encourages economic growth.  When we meet these foundational requirements, jobs will follow, livelihoods will improve, and the health of our communities is protected.

In Charleston, they continue to prioritize out of state corporations over the needs of the people. This has put our precious water supply and the health and well being of West Virginians at risk. It is my solemn promise to you that I will tackle and take head-on the people who have jeopardized the fresh water and land of West Virginia. For too long we have allowed greed and profiteering to enter our water supply, but I promise to put the health of our families and communities first in the Capitol. 

I need your support to allow me, as your representative in the House of Delegates for West Virginia, to change this and make Doddridge County, Tyler County, and Pleasants County places where clean water is guaranteed and not just an after-thought for companies whose only desire is to earn profit from our sacred state.



I am standing up for the public health and safety of District 6.  We need safe water to survive, for our children to thrive, and to attract and build small businesses. 


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