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New Representation for a Brighter Future

Five generations of my family have resided in this district. Born and raised here, I plan to represent the people of my community and bring to light the following issues listed which are dear to my heart.


Don't see an issue below that you'd like to see brought to the table? Please reach out and let's connect, I want to hear from you. 

The only way we can solve our issues is by working together. 

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Cindy has received an endorsement from the Marshall, Wetzel, Tyler Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO. 



I have watched the people of our district, and our state, struggle with water troubles for years. Whether it be suspected drilling or mine contamination, lack of water supply, or chemicals leached into our public water systems (looking at you Paden City).  I have filled more than my share of plastic gallon water jugs from safe sources and carried them home, and I know many of you have, too. 


The water quality standards set by the DEP are 30 years old.  There are 60,000 chemicals identified that are simply not regulated.  We don't know if they are a risk, or how serious a threat they may be. We do not have the guidelines required to properly monitor our water.  


We can do better.  We need to be aware of the potential threats, identify current shortfalls, and work together to improve our overall water quality.  To protect our drinking water, we can work with WV DEP and DHHR Bureau of Public Health to update our water quality standards, implement water testing procedures, and communicate those results honestly and clearly to the public.  Water is the resource that is more important than all the other extracted minerals in WV, and by working together, we can protect it for children and grandchildren.


Roads are always a campaign talking point.  We don't just need our roads repaired, we need a plan to keep them in good shape as well as build new and better infrastructure that will encourage economic growth.  Let's employ more Department of Highways workers, listen to those DOH expert recommendations, and pay our state employees instead of contracting out of state companies. 


We have certainly seen more than enough corruption in our state government.  Corruption occurs when there is not enough oversight. Better budgetary oversight in the State Legislature would have found that $40,000 couch and other extravagant expenditures we heard about last year.  


Term limits also reduce the tendency toward corruption. Limits encourage new generations to step into the political arena and discourage the 'good old boys club' mentality that can cripple a legislature.  


Oversight committees and term limits are good places to start dealing with the rampant corruption in Charleston, but there's more to be done. As your Delegate, I vow to root out corruption in our state government and ensure that your hard-earned tax dollars are benefiting you, not being wasted through frivolous spending or going illegally into the pockets of elected officials and corporations.   


Our West Virginia educators should be commended for their near-heroic response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our teachers, principals, and support staff completely revamped the entire educational system, to ensure that all of our students could still receive the education they needed.  These everyday heroes thought of everything—from disinfecting facilities, to providing meals to students, even transporting supplies and food throughout their counties. What’s more, they responded more rapidly and thoroughly than nearly any other industry, greatly benefiting our communities in a time of crisis. We can always count on our teachers to show up for our children, and now I want to show up for them. 


District 6 schools are some of the best in the state. Our children excel because of quality education, and that happens because we have teachers and staff that go far beyond what is required of them.  WV needs to support these dedicated public servants with better pay, benefits, and more staff in the schools.  

Sending taxpayer dollars to charter schools is a solid NO for me and our district.  We have always made sure that all students, regardless of status or need, have access to a fantastic public education and will continue to do so.  Charter schools are for the privileged few, and that concept does not sit well in District 6.  We are inclusive here.


With our state's strong tradition of agriculture, WV can become a leader in the cannabis and hemp industries. Let's get ahead of the curve and build a business structure to support local small-scale farmers who want to grow these cash crops--and not allow big out of state corporations to hijack yet another industry. We will increase hemp production and maximize the market through research and development of hemp manufacturing and marketing, for and by West Virginians.  


Cannabis legalization creates jobs, saves money on law enforcement, corrections and court costs, increases tax revenue, and is known to help with opioid addiction treatment and recovery. Regulating cannabis products for recreational use promotes consumer safety, enforces industry standards, and provides additional tax revenue.

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